Glazes & Crumb Coaters

Our fantastic Smokehouse Rub, glossy Ultraglaze glazes and textured crumb coaters are designed to add flavour, colour and value to your product display. All Lucas Rubs, Glazes and Coaters are made using natural colours.

Lucas Smokehouse Salt & Pepper Rub is superb for coating all kinds of raw meat. It’s a top-quality rub that’s very well balanced and tastes absolutely delicious. It looks good when raw and cooked too, so it’s really attractive on display.

Ultraglaze and Crumb Coaters

The Ultraglaze range of glazes is well established and has been developed to ensure excellent product coverage, an attractive high gloss appearance, authentic flavour, natural colour and good adhesion with minimal drip loss. Packed in convenient resealable tubs, the range includes popular favourites such as Chinese and Hot ‘n’ Spicy.

Lucas Crumb Coaters have an attractive, coarse texture which, along with their colour, gives them great visual impact. They have excellent dry adhesion, which means that there’s no need for a batter to make them stick and each has its own unique, delicious flavour.